Let's Rock & Grohl

The Foo Fighters are in coming to town! Join us for a unique opportunity to learn and play your favorite Foo and/or Nirvana songs live at Reggie’s Music Joint the day before their gig, and get tickets to see them live at Wrigley Field on July 29th.

Altered Stage, Chicago’s only private club for recreational musicians of all skill levels, is holding a complete guitar, or bass or drums immersion course so you can learn, jam, and enjoy the weekend of your dreams! So even if you’ve never played before, we’ll get you ready to rock the stage in one weekend.

If you already know how to play but just can’t seem to find a band to play with, we can hook you up too. Our Rock & Grohl Social program gives you the opportunity to jam and rehearse with our members and instructors and play Reggie’s with us on June July 28.

And if you sign up, we’ll give you a special offer on a regular membership to our unique club. Call us at (312) 953-7625 with for more details.

Band members jamming

Rock & Grohl Immersion

If you’ve never played guitar an instrument before, here’s your chance to learn and play live, all in two weekends.
  • Two day guitar immersion to learn your favorite Foo Fighters or Nirvana songs — no previous experience needed
  • One week membership to Altered Stage to rehearse songs with other members and instructors
  • Participation in live performance at Reggie’s Music Joint on July 28
  • Premium tickets to Foo Fighters show at Wrigley Field on July 29

Rock & Grohl Social

If you already play guitar, bass or drums but can’t seem to find a band, this program is for you.
  • One month’s Altered Stage social membership ($150.00 value)
  • Opportunity to play on stage with our members and instructors at Reggie’s Music Joint on July 28
  • Three lesson credits ($225.00 value)
  • One ticket to the Foo Fighters show at Wrigley field on July 29

Please note: this program is not affiliated with Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl – we’re just huge fans!